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Complete Customized 3-Piece Furniture Commission

Law Office of Cleveland Attorney
Kimberly Corral

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CleveCo Studios

CleveCo Studios is an eco-friendly customized Art company, specializing in murals and one-of-a-kind family potraits onto one of nature's most precious and undervalued canvases: Wood.

Trees are a most valuable asset, providing paper and other important resources to us all. Yet our over-consumption with this resource is increasingly becoming a danger to our air and and a threat to the wildlife environment. At CleveCo Studios, we do our part to protect the environment and air by recycling fallen trees or those proven to be hazardous to structures, and use such as canvases for art.

Nature's natural decomposition process provides our artists with extraordinary pieces of wood to paint on, ranging in size and shape with no two alike! We confer with our clients, assisting them in choosing the best photos to be painted, and paint these family images on remarkable wood "cookies".

Our unique blend of art and environmental efforts provides a new and refreshing look at art and furniture in the home and office. We like to call it nature's Wall Jewelry.

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Customized Wall Pieces

 Starting at $1k

Custom Tables

 Starting at $1.2k

Give a gift that says forever!


CleveCo Family Plaques

At CleveCo, family is everything. That's why we're proud to produce our Family Plaques to capture the family name and memorialize it in a piece of furniture that can be displayed in the home for generations.


Daymond John, Client

Screen Shot 2021-11-29 at 5.46_edited.jpg

Finds a great place to hang

Screen Shot 2021-11-29 at 5.46.29 AM.png

Gazebo on the lake. Great place to entertain guests.



"I'm soooo in love with my table. I can't believe it's so beautiful. Perfect for my small home office!

Pamela Bradshaw

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Superior Ave Deli

74th & Superior

Community Leadership Mural Commission

Amped Youth Ministry Mural,
Ashland, Ohio

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