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CleveCo Studios

CleveCo believes in memorializing precious memories into fine works of art that can become to the centerpiece of any room in any home.


Whether it's marriage or an anniversary, a deceased loved one or a newborn, your family is like our family and we're proud to capture these timeless moments on our natural canvases!


LL Cool J

in front of a Al Cleveland (Krak 5) throwup,
speaks of the artist in his book, "I Make My Own Rules"


Our Community
Youth Training Mission

At CleveCo Studios, we take the success of our youth to heart by hands-on training in wood types, painting,  staining, sanding, and resin pouring.


Wood Species

This piece of unrefined wood from an Ash tree in Cleveland, Ohio, was made into a beautiful night table for our client whose husband recently passed.  

We begin with these rough piece so we can instill in our young people how to see beauty from what others may not see beauty in. Equally, they will learn valuable life and vocational skills through the art of creating furniture. 

The Craft of Staining

We train our youth in the fine art of staining, and how to prepare for such, teaching them the value of hues and various color correction techniques.

We make the process fun and simple!

Art of Sanding & Painting

Usually, our students love the idea of sanding and grinding down wood. But this is where the hard work comes into play. However, when they commit to the process, they will begin to see the inner beauty in each piece of wood come alive.


The joy and fulfillment that comes with seeing the process through to this level is extremely rewarding. They begin to see the end from the beginning! 

Ask our team more!

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